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Custom grills designs available, but we charge $500 for complex designs, which go toward the purchase of the product if you purchase it from us.

Argentine Grill Kit for Fine Dining with Drip-pan, Cables, Side Rails, Ratchet Lock, and Front Facing Wheel BBQ Grill Kit for Fine Dining

BBQ Grill Kit for Fine Dining!
A front facing wheel is what most restaurants use.
For premium residential applications, many of our BBQ Grill Kits can have a Front Facing worm gear drive wheel vs a side wheel. Please call for pricing for the front facing wheel. (916-794-0707)

All Stainless Steel Argentine Grill Kit with Drip-pan, Cables, Side Rails, Ratchet Lock, and Wheel Residential Stainless Steel Argentine Grill Kit with Side Brasero | Free Shipping*

Stainless Steel Argentine Grill Kit with Side Brasero | Free Shipping*

Argentines use a brasero to create hot embers, which are raked under the grill to provide a clean, lightly smoky heat source. Americans, who appreciate a heavier smoke flavor, often purchase the Argentine Grill Kit without Brasero, giving them the flare-up reducing benefits of the Argentine style V-grate (cook chicken skin on, bone-in without flare-ups) while still providing a smoky flavor.
These Stainless Steel Argentine Grill Kits with Side Brasero No Flange are equipped with:

  • Slanted Argentine V-Grate with Drip Pan

  • No Flange but is bolted to the floor of the Firebox
  • Adjustable Height Grill Grate by Using the Wheel to Raise & Lower the Grill Grate.
  • Our Standard Sizes:
  • Standard Grill Grate sizes are around 36 x 24, 42 x 24, 48 x 24

  • Charcoal and Wood Burning Grill

  • Side Wheel: Side Wheel (The standard is left side brasero & right side wheel however our left-handed customers may want to have a right side brasero & left side wheel. Please let us know if you would like the left-handed version.)

  • Made in the USA
    Note: *Free Shipping for the Continental US. Additional shipping charges may be added for NYC.

Wok Brush, Bamboo, 11" Wok Brush, Bamboo, 11"

This Asian Style Wok Brush is very versatile with
the ability to clean just about any wok with comfort. This Asian Style Wok Brush has durable long lasting bamboo
bristles and measures 11 inches and will work perfectly in an an outdoor kitchen for the toughest wok cleaning

Argentine Grill with Side Brasero | Wood Burning Grill Pits Residential | Argentine Grill with No Brasero | Counter Drop In | Free Shipping*

Residential | Argentine Grill with No Brasero | Counter Drop-In | Free Shipping*
NorCal Ovenworks announces a line of BBQ grills meant to be the ultimate wood-burning grill pits for residential use. One of the most beautiful wood-burning barbecue grill pits we have ever built, these Argentine barbecue grills feature heavy-duty 3/16" steel construction, our signature wheel, and a traditional sloped Argentine style angle iron grill grate with a drip pan to avoid flareups. No Brasero is included with these grills so that you can have the tasty smoke flavor on your grilled foods. In addition, our Argentine grills are designed to be lined with split firebricks (by the customer to save on shipping) on the floor for a long lasting firebox. Most customers line the floor only with split fire bricks for an authentic Argentine look.

These Counter Drop-In Argentine Grills have no Brasero so that your meat can have the nice smoke flavoring that Americans love. They are designed to be inserted into your Masonry Outdoor Kitchen for the ultimate Argentine Grilling Experience.