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The foundation of our Wood/Charcoal/Gas Component Grilling System, choose from our many firebox options which include a simple grill grate, removable slotted door and adjustable/removable fuel grate.
The slotted door and fuel grate are removable to accommodate the gas drawer options.
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Firebox 2 Firebox 2

Take cooking to new heights. Start with Firebox 2, the basis for our Component Cooking System. Most of our cooking components are interchangeable on top of our two foot wide Firebox 2. Begin with this basic unit and add the pieces that make your cooking style unique. Available on a stand or as a built-in.

  • Single grill
  • Single Component firebox with wood/charcoal tray and grill
  • Built to fit most outdoor Component Cooking System pieces
  • Fits Component gas options – grill, stove or stockpot burners
  • Dimensions overall  24" x 24" x 10"

Firebox 3 Firebox 3

Firebox 3 is a slightly larger version of our modular component cooking system firebox with its own version of components. Normal components may be used but filler plates must be added to cover gaps from size differences.

  • 2 grills
  • includes wood/charcoal tray
  • drop-down door in front
  • uses 3 burner gas drawer or 2 burner stove drawer
  • dimensions 24" x 34.5" x 10"

Firebox 4 Firebox 4

Firebox 4 is twice the fun of Firebox 2. Firebox 4 holds up to two gas drawers and two components. Enjoy breakfast on our Grill and Griddle, hamburger and fries with our Grill and Deep Fryer, two Pizza Ovens for a pizza party, Smoker and 12” Lid for that weekend BBQ bash, or cook like a gaucho with the Argentine grill. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

  • 2 grills
  • Removable panel to split fireboxes
  • 2 charcoal/wood trays
  • 2 grills Dimension
  • 48 ¾” wide x 24” deep x 10” high

Firebox 5 Firebox 5

Mix the best of both worlds. Firebox 5 is the combination of Firebox 2 and Firebox 3. Use all of the regular components over one firebox and add the specialty components made for Firebox 3 over the other. Grill and pizza, Argentine grill and griddle, the combinations are tremendous.

  • 3 grills
  • removable panel to split fireboxes for smoking
  • gas drawers available for both sides
  • 2 charcoal wood trays
  • 2 grills
  • dimensions are 60" x 24" x 10"