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We have pig, lamb, and whole animal rotisserie cookers.Whether you want our 72" Commercial Rotisserie Unit or a smaller unit for your back yard, come to NorCal Ovenworks to meet your requirements.

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Whole Animal Rotisserie Cooker Whole Animal Rotisserie Cooker

We make whole animal rotisserie cookers. Centered around our own six foot, stainless steel, bearing mounted rotisserie with 6 RPM motor, our whole animal rotisserie cookers can be customized to fit the animals you want to cook. No animal is too big......ask us to build a cooker for a whole steer, we are up to the challenge. (Some parts will change.)

If you want an extremely heavy duty rotisserie to place over your own pit, or a free standing rotisserie, this is the rotisserie for you. Designed for large animals and continuous use, this is an industrial quality rotisserie system.

The Black Angus | Whole Beef Cattle Rotisserie The Black Angus | Whole Beef Cattle Rotisserie

The Black Angus | Whole Beef Cattle Rotisserie

Pig, Lamb, and Goat Rotisserie Tripod Pig, Lamb, and Goat Rotisserie Tripod

A free standing rotisserie option at an affordable price for cooking small and mid sized animals in an open fire setting. Featuring a dual support system by way of ground engaging support posts and locking tripod mounts. Support posts are constructed of heavy wall 3/4" carbon steel with a black painted protective barrier and feature 16 height settings. Collapsible tripod stands are constructed of carbon steel with black painted finish provide a tool-less setup and easy storage while providing a locked position. Both the motor support mount and spit support mount are easily mounted to the upright supports and height can be adjusted with quick pull clevis pins. Equipped with our 85 lb. heavy duty rotisserie motor, this kit is intended for total loads up to 85 lbs. Please note that imbalanced loads such as pig and lamb should be limited to 50 lbs. or less or using additional counterbalancing. 5/8" X 60" hexagon rotisserie spit rod, rotisserie forks (2), counterbalance, and adjustable bushing are all constructed of solid 304 stainless steel. This kit also includes a premium handle for easy application and removal of the spit rod. This kit features a 60" spit rod that can safely span areas up to 52" across when fully assembled. When stands and tripods are fully assembled and completely engaged in the ground maximum height of the upright support posts are 42 inches.

  • Ideal for loads up to 85 lbs. 50 lbs. for imbalanced loads unless additional counterbalancing used.
  • No tools required.
  • 16 fully adjustable height settings.
  • Heavy carbon steel brackets, support posts, and tripod stands.
  • Heavy duty 304 stainless steel 110 volt motor.
  • 304 stainless steel 5/8" X 60" hexagon spit rod.
  • 304 stainless steel 5/8" adjustable ride bushing.
  • 304 stainless steel four prong forks.
  • Fully adjustable 304 stainless steel counterbalance system.
  • Handle for easy loading and unloading.
  • Some assembly required.

Free Standing Pig, Lamb, and Goat Rotisserie Free Standing Pig, Lamb, and Goat Rotisserie

A freestanding pig, lamb, goat, chicken, duck, and turkey rotisserie, tested on 95 lb. animals.

Stands on the ground, or integrates with the Asado Catering Grill.

Dimensions: 61" W X 33" D X 32" H

Comes with 2 large animal hooks and one spine hook. Optional poultry hooks are available for 6-8 birds.

Stainless Steel Pig, Lamb, and Goat Rotisserie Cooker Stainless Steel Pig, Lamb, and Goat Rotisserie Cooker

A stainless steel pig, lamb, goat, chicken, duck, and turkey rotisserie cooker, tested on 100 lb. animals.


  • 51" X 22" Firebox with Windblock
  • 51" Stainless Steel Spit can be placed in 4 positions
  • UL Listed 4 RPM Rotisserie Motor
  • 2 Spit Forks
  • 1 Spine Hook
  • 2 Poultry Forks to cook 3 chickens, ducks, or turkeys
  • 2 SS Grills
  • 1 Removable Fuel/Drip Tray
  • Assembles with no tools and only 6 screws.

Ships in two boxes for a total shipping weight of 103 lbs. Box 1 is 57 lbs. and is 54" X 24" X 12", Box 2 is 37" X11" X 9".

NorCal Ovenworks presents an Old Fashioned Texas BBQ Pit. A simple as it can be Texas BBQ cooker. Old Fashioned Texas BBQ Pit

An old style Texas BBQ pit with an earthen floor. Set this grill out back, and cook forever on a floor that will not burn through. (BBQ fires will not burn a hole clean through to China.)

Throw wood or embers through the back door of our Old Fashioned Texas BBQ Pit and grill or smoke in primitive splendor. The floor of this pit is open to the ground, for real deep pit smoking, but if you ask, we'll happily put a floor in it that you can line with firebricks.

Dimensions: 39" wide, 29" deep, and 48" high plus smoke stacks. We'll make this pit in any size you like.

Machitos Cabrito Package, a steel firebox with 6 goat crosses, rotisserie, grill, chapa, and fireplace grates. Machitos Inspired 6 Cabrito Grill Package

I received a call from a customer who said he had seen a cabrito and multi purpose grill on Andrew Zimmer's Bizarre Foods, and the location was Machitos out of San Antonio. This took me by surprise, but I looked up the restaurant, found some images on google, but not enough to build a grill. Calling my wife in, and checking on our family's schedule, I called the customer and said that I was taking 6 people to the restaurant that night, and I quickly invited a friend that I hadn't seen since high school.

The result is a firebox, with 6 cabrito crosses with adjustable bases, two fireplace grates to raise the level of fire to the proper height, a removable rotisserie, a removable grill grate, and a removable chapa.

Due to some constraints, we had to shrink to firebox to a smaller size than that listed, but the dimensions listed are my recommendation for maximum utility.

Comes with a T-Rake and a Shovel so you are ready to roll at your next asado!

Dimensions: 52" X 42" X 12" Machita Firebox. Legs can be added at no charge. Wheels can be added for a nominal charge.