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Hemispherical wood fired oven kits, designed for baking bread, empanadas, meat, pizzas, ad vegetables. Not a one trick pizza oven, these ovens have higher domes for general purpose baking.

We recommend the 37" steel dome oven for mobile applications, and the 37" masonry dome oven for stationary home usage.
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Pizza Oven 37 Inch Dome

This 37" hemispherical pizza oven core comes completely assembled. Available to customers for installation in decorative insulated masonry surround, or we will insulate and equip this pizza oven with surround, cart, or cabinetry of your choosing.

Outdoor Wood Fired Oven Kit 37 Inch Dome

This 37" hemispherical masonry wood fired oven kit is probably the easiest to install kit available today.

A true hemispherical design for the homeowner who will cook breads, meats, vegetables, as well as pizzas. Use your own pans, or buy a 14" square cast iron grill from us to complete your set-up.
Designed for indoor or outdoor usage, we are seeking UL/ETL certification, but, until we get the UL/ETL documents in order, this oven is outdoor use only.

Consists of:
1) 2 piece oven floor with inset firebrick
2) 5 piece oven top
3) insulating blanket
4) stainless steel oven door

You provide:
1) a solid base
2)1 bag of Heat-Stop 50
3) chimney

4) exterior finish

As we are a full service steel shop, we can provide an optional cart/stand and a steel or copper enclosure.