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We are a custom grill shop. We have some things in our quick ship program, but most things take 3 weeks to build and a few days to get to you.
Our website has been modified to show pricing on many grills and grill kits. We often include shipping in these prices, where indicated.
Custom grills designs available, but we charge $500 for complex designs, which go toward the purchase of the product if you purchase it from us.

Outdoor Wood Fired Oven Kit 37 Inch Dome

This 37" hemispherical masonry wood fired oven kit is probably the easiest to install kit available today.

A true hemispherical design for the homeowner who will cook breads, meats, vegetables, as well as pizzas. Use your own pans, or buy a 14" square cast iron grill from us to complete your set-up.
Designed for indoor or outdoor usage, we are seeking UL/ETL certification, but, until we get the UL/ETL documents in order, this oven is outdoor use only.

Consists of:
1) 2 piece oven floor with inset firebrick
2) 5 piece oven top
3) insulating blanket
4) stainless steel oven door

You provide:
1) a solid base
2)1 bag of Heat-Stop 50
3) chimney

4) exterior finish

As we are a full service steel shop, we can provide an optional cart/stand and a steel or copper enclosure.

Santa Maria Grill Kit for Santa Maria Firebox with Drip-pan, Cables, Side Rails, Ratchet Lock, and Wheel Residential Santa Maria Grill Kit for Santa Maria Firebox | Free Shipping*

Santa Maria Grill Kit
The Santa Maria Grill Kit for a Santa Maria Firebox (a pit, which is enclosed on all 4 sides) is available to fit a 36.5 X 24.5 X 14 firebox, a 42.5 X 24.5 X 14 firebox, or a 48.5 X 24 X 14 firebox as well as in custom sizes. People who appreciate a heavier smoke flavor like the S
anta Maria Firebox. The Round Rod Grate gives them the flare of the fire as well as the smoky flavor.

The Santa Maria Grill Kit is equipped with a Round Rod Grate.

*Free Shipping within the Continental US!
*Made in the USA

Wok Range 13 In, 125 K BTU/Hr, Stainless, Counter top install Wok Range 13 In, 125 K BTU/Hr, Stainless, Countertop Install

NorCal Ovenworks Single 13" Hole Wok Range in SS for countertop installation in outdoor kitchens (indoor is ok too).

Finally, a real high capacity wok range with the features necessary for outdoor kitchen installation. This is not a weak, anemic imitation, this is a 125,000 BTU/hr, fire breathing wok with a 13" hole. This wok has the power you need for "wok hay" or "wok breath", for real Chinese Restaurant taste that cannot be duplicated without massive heat, plus, this wok burner has the stainless steel needed for years of minimal maintenance.

Drops into a cutout in your countertop. Please, we need 1 foot of space between the wok range and combustible material. This is a real high capacity wok range.


  • 13" opening, accommodates 14-16 inch woks best
  • Stainless steel welded top
  • Stainless steep front and sides
  • Anti-clogging duck burners
  • Continuous pilot
  • 125,000 BTU/hr
  • NG or LP fueled
Dimensions, 21.25" wide X 22.00 deep, fits an open front cutout having dimensions of 18.75" wide X 21.00 deep X 12 high. Overall height 17 inches with 5 inches being above countertop.

South African Braai South African Braai

We don't build a lot of South African Braais, but we have built them. Very similar to an Argentine or Uruguayan grill, they are usually enclosed, have an ember maker, an adjustable grill, potjie hook for making pap, and often include a rotisserie. The photo shown included a rotisserie, and a box to keep the rotisserie motors out of the rain.

Completely custom, call to flesh your requirements out, and we'll happily build one to your specifications.