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Custom Commercial and Residential Wood Fired Grills
Argentine, Charbroiler, Uruguayan, and Santa Maria
NSF Approved Grills.
Black Steel is Beautiful!
Made to order.

Designed by Gary Knackstedt, BS/MS Mechanical Engineer
Quality Custom Grills for Quality Results using Methods Almost Forgotten
We have moved to Georgetown, Texas. Yeehaw!

We design and build: Argentine Grills, Asado Catering Equipment, Built-In Grills, Built-In Grills for Complete Modular Kitchens, Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens, Santa Maria Grills, Smokers/Smoker-Grills, Tuscan Grills, and Uruguayan Grills

Our equipment is featured at the Ritz Carlton/Marriott Grande Lakes, Orlando Florida, The Ritz-Carlton, in Naples, FL, and the Ritz-Carlton, in Lake Tahoe, CA!

All you need to know about barbecue

Pizza Oven 37 Inch Dome Charcoal Catering Grill with Adjustable Grill Grate
Charcoal Catering Grill with Adjustable Grill Grate
This 37" hemispherical pizza oven core comes completely assembled. Available to customers for installation in decorative insulated masonry surround, or we will insulate and equip this pizza oven with surround, cart, or cabinetry of your choosing. We set out to make a charcoal grill for the unique requirements of a caterer who wants to cook over charcoal. The grill comes in 60" X 24", features an adjustable height grate, a shallow firebox, only 6" deep, and all of the components break down for easy storage inside the firebox. Haul a dozen of these in your pickup or trailer, set up quickly and easily, and when done, store in a compact space. We will not customize this grill.

Wok Range 13 In, 125 K BTU/Hr, Stainless, Countertop Install Exhibition Charbroiler
Wok Range 13 In, 125 K BTU/Hr, Stainless, Counter top install
NorCal Ovenworks Single 13" Hole Wok Range in SS for counter top installation in outdoor kitchens (indoor is ok too).

Finally, a real commercial wok range with the features necessary for outdoor kitchen installation. This is not a weak, anemic imitation, this is a 125,000 BTU/hr, duck billed, fire breathing wok with a 13" hole. This wok has the power you need for "wok hay" or "wok breath", for real Chinese Restaurant taste that cannot be duplicated without massive heat, plus, this wok burner has the stainless steel needed for years of minimal maintenance.

Drops into a cutout in your countertop. Please, we need 1 foot of space between the wok and combustable material. This is a real commercial wok.

  • 13" opening, accommodates 14-16 inch woks best
  • Stainless steel welded top
  • Stainless steep front and sides
  • Anti-clogging duck burners
  • Continuous pilot
  • 125,000 BTU/hr
  • NG or LP fueled
Dimensions, 20.875" wide X 23.75 Deep, fits a cutout having dimensions of 18.375" wide X 21.25 deep. Overall height 22 inches with 4 inches being above countertop.

Our Exhibition Charbroiler is designed to burn wood or charcoal below sloped, grease draining, flareup avoiding Argentine style grates or cast iron commercial grates. Precise temperature control is accomplished by a height adjustable fuel grate. Raise it to sear and drop to finish meats at a low temperature. The fuel grate is available in mesh, or can be fitted with firebricks depending on the cooking style preferred. Available with a discrete hidden crank to raise or lower the fuel grate or exhibit the workings of this grill with a large wheel in the open for everyone to see. Customers have even outfitted this grill with a rear brasero to allow them to exhibit the making of embers to all who wish to see. See the video below, for a view of the optional Brazilian Rotisserie.

Cooking temperature isn't the only temperature controlled on our exhibition charbroiler! This Exhibition Charbroiler is equipped with firebox insulation for a happy chef.

Available in a variety of sizes, from 26" to 36" deep, and 30", 36", 48", 60", and 72" wide.

Download Exhibition Charbroiler Owners Manual
Argentine Fire Table Exhibition Grills Wok 14 In. POW Wok
Mandarin or POW Wok 14 In
This is a concept/product that we have adopted for Argentine commercial exhibition grills........wood burning grills with a frame of 3/8" steel, with 9" X 4.5" X 2.5" firebrick lining. The 3/8" steel floor of this firebox is protected by 2.5" of firebrick, and the walls of the firebox are 4.5" thick, again of 9" X 4.5" X 2.5" firebrick. Massive heat retention, and the fire is contained by durable and beautiful firebrick. Our "Forever Grill"!
This carbon steel pow wok is round bottomed
with a single, hollow metal handle. Referred to as the Mandarin Wok or Beijing pan
since it is most frequently used in Northern China. Perfect for tossing stir fries over a high flame. The hollow metal handle stays relatively cool, but keep a towel handy. Available in
14" or 15.75" diameter. This wok must be seasoned which is easy to do with
gas heat; you will get excellent "wok hay," or "wok breath". Gets hot quickly
and retains heat.