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Custom grills designs available, but we charge $500 for complex designs, which go toward the purchase of the product if you purchase it from us.

Wok Ladel, 18 X 4 X 4.5 Wok Ladel, 18 X 4 X 4.5

An Asian inspired piece our Chinese Ladle is the
perfect utensil for wok cooking.  Hand forged from one piece of
stainless steel our 18" Chinese Ladle has a solid
design that measure 4 x 4-1/2 inches with a wood handle and is
reinforced at the pressure point for extended life.  Used for deep frying, sauteing, and saucing.

All Stainless Steel Uruguayan Grill Kit with Side Brasero Residential Stainless Steel Uruguayan Grill Kit | Free Shipping*

Product image
Stainless Steel Uruguayan Grill Kit
Our Stainless Steel Uruguayan Grill Kit or Parrilla kit for residential home use is designed to bring real gaucho style meats or asado to your table. This grill is designed to cook grilled meats or asado, over red hot wood coals. The hearth and hearth grate is used to burn wood to red hot coals which are then pushed beneath the grill grate for the best tasting barbecue. The adjustable grill angle allows for total control of the grilling temperature, and different grill temperatures to be maintained simultaneously, allowing the grill to be used for beef, pork, chicken, sausage, and sweetbreads.

This grill can be used on top of our 63" X 36" Asado Catering Fire Table for the ultimate in flexibility.

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable grill height/angle
  • Side Brasero to burn firewood to embers for raking under the grill grate
  • Stainless Steel Round rod grill grate
  • Our Uruguayan Grill Kits can be placed in a masonry firebox, on our Asado Catering Firetable, or directly on the ground.
  • Free Shipping in the Continental US
  • Made in the USA
We have two standard Stainless Steel Uruguayan Grill Kits.

The Rosemary: 45x23
Weight is around 100 lbs
Fits a Masonry Firebox that is 45.5" x 23"
The entire grill grate raises and lowers. See picture below.
Weight is around 160 lbs
Fits a Masonry Firebox that is 54 X 27.5
The Bottom 9" of the grill grate stays stationary.

Product image

Argentine Grill Kit with Side Brasero, Drip-pan, Cables, Side Rails, Ratchet Lock, and Wheel Residential Argentine Grill Kit with Side Brasero | Free Shipping*

Argentine Grill Kit with Side Brasero
The Argentine Grill Kit with Side Brasero is available to fit a 48.5X25.75X12 firebox, a 54.5 X 25.75 X 12 firebox, or a 60.5 X 25.75 X 12 firebox as well as in custom sizes. Argentines use a brasero to create hot embers, which are raked under the grill to provide a clean, lightly smoky heat source. Americans, who appreciate a heavier smoke flavor, often purchase the Argentine Grill Kit without Brasero, giving them the flare-up reducing benefits of the Argentine style V-grate (cook chicken skin on, bone in without flare-ups) while still providing a smoky flavor.
Buy the Argentine Grill Kit with Side Brasero for the most authentic Argentine grilling experience.

The Argentine Grill Kit is equipped with the Argentine V-Grates.

* Free Shipping within the Continental US!
* Made in the USA