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We are a custom grill shop. We have some things in our quick ship program, but most things take 3 weeks to build and a few days to get to you.
Our website has been modified to show pricing on many grills and grill kits. We often include shipping in these prices, where indicated.
Custom grills designs available, but we charge $500 for complex designs, which go toward the purchase of the product if you purchase it from us.

Portable Grill Pit (36 X 23 X 9 ) Portable Grill Pit (36 X 23 X 9 )

A Portable Grill Table, consisting of a 36" X 23" X 8" fire table which can be lined with split firebricks, AComes with a 24" X 21" X 10" grill. Dimensions: Fire Table: 36" X 23" X 32", 36" X 23" X 9" with legs folded Grill Table: 24" X 21" X 10" 125 lbs. total

This grill is sold without the cross, but includes a cross bracket on the firebox.

Charcoal Grill with Adjustable Grill Grate Commercial Charcoal Grill with Adjustable Grill Grate

We were approached by a chain of Latin American Grocery Stores in Texas with the requirements for a grill to charbroil very large quantities of split marinated chicken. The grill had to be specifically for charcoal, put a good sear on chicken, have a split grill for versatility, be adjustable to finish cooking the chicken without burning, and above all, be more rugged than their toughest employee!

Constructed of 3/8" thick steel, with a 3" X 2" "C" Channel" Grill Hoist frame instead of the standard 2" X 1" So far, we have built this grill in two sizes, 72" X 36" X 6" and 96" X 36" X 6". There is a 12" backsplash on the rear of the grill, 8 inch sides, and 6 inch front. The grill grates are our signature individually removable 3/8" square rods for the ultimate sear and grill marks.

Santa Maria Grill with cart, Cables, Side Rails, Ratchet Lock, and Wheel Residential Santa Maria Grill | Counter Drop In | Free Shipping*

Residential Santa Maria Grill | Counter Drop In | Free Shipping*
People who appreciate a heavier smoke flavor like the Santa Maria way of BBQing. The Round Rod Grate gives them the flare of the fire as well as the smoky flavor.
Our Santa Maria Grills come in Standard Sizes 32 X 24 X 14 - The Almond, 36 x 24 x 14 - The Hickory, 42 X 24 X 14 - The White Oak, 48 X 24 X 14 - The Mesquite, 60 x 24 x 14 - The Red Oak, or a split 60 x 24 x 14 - The Red Oak Split. Call for custom size firebox. Counter Drop In.

  • Round Rod Grill Grate
  • Adjustable Grill Grate Height
  • Side Wheel
  • Top Flange 1 1/2" (This allows the Firebox to sit on a cart or be inserted into a Masonry Outdoor Kitchen)
  • 3/16" Steel
  • Dimensions: 32x24x14 - The Almond, 36x24x14 - The Hickory, 42x24x14 - The White Oak, 48x24x14 - The Mesquite, 60x24x14 - The Red Oak, Split 60x24x14 - The Red Oak Split. Call for custom.
  • Counter Drop In
  • Made in the USA
  • Note: *Free Shipping for the Continental US. Additional shipping charge may be added for NYC.

South African Braai 700 Contractor South African Braai 700 Contractor

A South African Braai is very similar to Argentine and Uruguayan Grills. Depending on the model, the South African Braai can have many of the following features: An outer box, light fitting, charcoal tray, potjie hook, Nickel-plated grill, door, large gill, 2 small grills, lamb rotisserie spit, chicken spit, charcoal brazier, heavy duty motor and a charcoal starter. Grill size varies depending on model and options.

The South African Braai 700 Contractor Model includes:

  • An outer box
  • light fitting
  • charcoal tray
  • potjie hook
  • Nickel-plated grill
  • door
  • rotating cowl. base

Grill Size: 690 x 420mm or 27.1 x 16.5 in.

  • A = 27.6 in.
  • B = 17.7 in.
  • C = 26.7 in.
  • D = 9.4 in.
  • E = 7.9 in.
  • F = Flue Size = 8.9 in.
NorCal Ovenworks imports these South African Braai from Jetmaster South Africa.