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We are a custom grill shop. We have some things in our quick ship program, but most things take 3 weeks to build and a few days to get to you.
Our website has been modified to show pricing on many grills and grill kits. We often include shipping in these prices, where indicated.
Custom grills designs available, but we charge $500 for complex designs, which go toward the purchase of the product if you purchase it from us.

Wok Brush, Bamboo, 11" Wok Brush, Bamboo, 11"

This Asian Style Wok Brush is very versatile with
the ability to clean just about any wok with comfort. This Asian Style Wok Brush has durable long lasting bamboo
bristles and measures 11 inches and will work perfectly in an an outdoor kitchen for the toughest wok cleaning

All Stainless Steel Uruguayan Grill Kit with Side Brasero Residential Stainless Steel Uruguayan Grill Kit | Free Shipping*

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Stainless Steel Uruguayan Grill Kit
Our Stainless Steel Uruguayan Grill Kit or Parrilla kit for residential home use is designed to bring real gaucho style meats or asado to your table. This grill is designed to cook grilled meats or asado, over red hot wood coals. The hearth and hearth grate is used to burn wood to red hot coals which are then pushed beneath the grill grate for the best tasting barbecue. The adjustable grill angle allows for total control of the grilling temperature, and different grill temperatures to be maintained simultaneously, allowing the grill to be used for beef, pork, chicken, sausage, and sweetbreads.

This grill can be used on top of our 63" X 36" Asado Catering Fire Table for the ultimate in flexibility.

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable grill height/angle
  • Side Brasero to burn firewood to embers for raking under the grill grate
  • Stainless Steel Round rod grill grate
  • Our Uruguayan Grill Kits can be placed in a masonry firebox, on our Asado Catering Firetable, or directly on the ground.
  • Free Shipping in the Continental US
  • Made in the USA
We have two standard Stainless Steel Uruguayan Grill Kits.

The Rosemary: 45x23
Weight is around 100 lbs
Fits a Masonry Firebox that is 45.5" x 23"
The entire grill grate raises and lowers. See picture below.
Weight is around 160 lbs
Fits a Masonry Firebox that is 54 X 27.5
The Bottom 9" of the grill grate stays stationary.

Product image

Uninsulated Charbroiler Uninsulated Charbroiler

Our NSF Certified Uninsulated Charbroiler is designed to burn wood or charcoal below sloped, grease draining, flareup avoiding Argentine style grates or our signature 3/8" individually removable square grates. Precise temperature control is accomplished by a height adjustable fuel grate. Raise it to sear and drop to finish meats at a low temperature. The fuel grate is available in mesh, or can be fitted with firebricks depending on the cooking style preferred. Available with a discrete hidden crank to raise or lower the fuel grate or exhibit the workings of this grill with a large wheel in the open for everyone to see. Customers have even outfitted this grill with a rear brasero to allow them to exhibit the making of embers to all who wish to see.

Available in a variety of sizes, from 24" to 36" deep, and 30", 36", 48", 60", and 72" wide.

Residential American Grill Kit Series with Hinged Lid Residential American Grill Kit Series with Hinged Lid and a SS Grilling Surface | Free Shipping*

American Grill Kit Series with Hinged Lid

Sometimes, all you want is a simple grill grate for a masonry firebox. Available with the lid shown, or the more traditional American BBQ Lid.

American Grill Kit Series with a hinged lid for a masonry firebox comes in three standard sizes.
The American Blacktail Deer designed to fit into a 36.5" X 24.5" masonry firebox, The American Whitetail Deer designed to fit a 42.5" x 24.5" masonry firebox, & The American Mule Deer designed to fit a 48.5" x 24.5" masonry firebox. They consist of a 1.5" Angle iron frame that bolts securely to your firebox, a hinged no-warp 3/8" grill grate,
and a hinged lid. NEW: The Grilling Surface is now Stainless. Nothing is going to walk away either, the hinged grill and hinged lid are permanently mounted to the frame, which bolts into your firebox.

Please note that the grill grates are not rusted it is just that a brown box is underneath the grill grate making it look like they are rusted.

*Free Shipping within the Continental US | Additional shipping charge may be added for NYC.

Made in the USA