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NorCal Ovenworks Inc.
Commercial and Residential Wood Fired Grills

Designed by Gary Knackstedt, BS/MS Mechanical Engineer
Quality Grills for Quality Results using Methods Almost Forgotten

We design and build: Argentine Grills, Asado Catering Equipment, Built-In Grills, Built-In Grills for Complete Modular Kitchens, Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens, Santa Maria Grills, Smokers/Smoker-Grills, Tuscan Grills, and Uruguayan Grills

Our equipment is featured at the Ritz Carlton/Marriott Grande Lakes, Orlando Florida, The Ritz-Carlton, in Naples, FL, and the Ritz-Carlton, in Lake Tahoe, CA!

All you need to know about barbecue

Asado Catering Cross Table (Large) Argentine Grill Kit
Asado Catering Cross Table (Large) for Patagonian Lamb Roast Argentine Grill Kit with Drip-pan, Cables, Side Rails, Ratchet Lock, and Wheel
Truck or Trailer portable Asado Catering Cross Table, consisting of a fire table which should be lined with split firebricks and 4 crosses.


Fire Table: 48" dia, and 24" high a top of bricks
Brick lined fire surface is 27" X 27"
Uses 18 9" X 4.5" X 1 1/4" split firebricks Install all but 1 split firebrick without cutting
Comes with 4 crosses, 60" X 24"
150 lbs.

Table ships in a 48X48X6" package and crosses ship in a tube. Customer supplies the spit firebricks.

Please call for pricing and shipping charges. All Asado Catering Equipment is custom built to order.
This Argentine Grill Kit has so many options that we created a whole catalog for it.

Click Here to Download the Argentine Grill Kit Catalog.

We have built Argentine Grill Kits in dimensions from 32" Wide X 20" Front to Back to 96" Wide X 36" Front to Back. We can split them in half, although we recommend a 60/40 split on sizes of 60" wide or more.
We have front facing wheels, chain wheel operators, and many features that we are waiting for adventurers to ask for. Challenge us, we like nothing better than to make something cool! Ask us, we would love to steam punk a grill!

The Argentine Grill Kit can be adapted to be:

  • Free Standing
  • Installed on a Masonry Firebox
  • Installed in a Fireplace
  • Installed in a fireplace provided by NorCal Ovenworks
The Argentine Grill Kit can be equipped with Argentine V-Grates, Cast Iron Grates, Round Rod Grates, Expanded Metal Grates, and Mesh Grates.
Charcoal Catering Grill with Adjustable Grill Grate Portable Cross and Grill Pit (36 X 23 X 9 )
Charcoal Catering Grill with Adjustable Grill Grate
We set out to make a charcoal grill for the unique requirements of a caterer who wants to cook over charcoal. The grill comes in 36" X 24" or 60" X 24", features an adjustable height grate, a shallow firebox, only 6" deep, and all of the components break down for easy storage inside the firebox. Our attempts at standardization have once agan been thwarted, we will equip this grill with several choices of wheels/casters, and will even weld the legs and attach a lower shelf/leg brace upon request. Haul a dozen of these in your pickup or trailer, set up quickly and easily, and when done, store in a compact space.

We have brackets to allow our catering grill to be equipped with two rows of electric churrasco/kabob rotisseries plus a warming level, or a whole animal rotisserie if desired.
A Portable Asado Cross and Grill Table, consisting of a 36" X 23" X 8" fire table which can be lined with split firebricks,  
A 48" X 24" cross, and a 24" X 21" X 10" grill.


Fire Table: 36" X 23" X 32",  36" X 23" X 9" with legs folded
Grill Table: 24" X 21" X 10"
Cross: 48" X 24"

150 lbs. Total

Please call for pricing and shipping charges. All Asado Catering Equipment is custom built to order.
Infiernillo Outdoor Grill Oven Broiler Pizza Oven 37 Inch Dome
Infiernillo Outdoor Grill Oven Broiler
Our Infiernillo Outdoor Grill, Oven, and Broiler is extremely versatile. Potential customers are advised to read "Seven Fires" by Francis Mallmann for ideas on using this infiernillo. Simply assemble as shown, add fuel to the upper and lower fuel trays, pull the food grate to the frame side without fuel, load the fuel grate with food, and slide the food grate between the two fuel trays.This grill assembles and disassembles for easy shipping, storage, and transport.

  • Use as a whole animal cooker
  • Use for baking salt crusted dishes
  • Add optional steel curtain sides to the grill to enclose the space between fuel trays like an oven
  • Order the grill with 3 foot legs instead of 5 foot legs, steel curtain sides to hang from the food grate, and cook over the portable fire pit that is created
This grills consists of:

  1. 1 Food Grate, 54"X27"
  2. 2 Wood/charcoal fuel grates, 54" X 27"
  3. Rack System with 6 5 foot high legs
Options include:

  1. 3 foot legs instead of 5 foot legs to make a grill
  2. steel curtains to shield the fire from wind and retain heat
  3. heavy duty or multi spit rotisseries for whole animals or multiple chickens
  4. special fire hall chicken grates
This 37" hemispherical pizza oven core comes completely assembled. Available to customers for installation in decorative insulated masonry surround, or we will insulate and equip this pizza oven with surround, cart, or cabinetry of your choosing.